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Where the horses' safety and comfort come first.


Cheval Liberté Horse Floats celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2016. The floats are designed and manufactured in Europe, they are the most popular float in France and fast becoming the most popular in the whole of Europe due to their amazing features and affordability. These light weight, yet very strong floats that fit all sized horses are now being sold in over 20 countries.

Having been designed by people who are passionate about all things equestrian, with many years’ experience in handling and transporting horses, the floats are easy to own and use.

Cheval Liberté NZ are the importer and distributor for the European company - Cheval Liberté

Cheval Liberté manufacture around 8,000 horse floats each year number.

We price the floats extremely competitively with prices including GST. Our philosophy is to sell a large number with little mark-up, instead of a small number of floats with a large mark-up.

Cheval is French for horse, Liberté is French for freedom. Cheval Liberté = Horse Freedom


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