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The Pullman V2 has many advantages

Benefits of Pullman II Suspension System



When it comes to the ultimate travel experience for both horse and driver look no further than the Cheval Horse Trailers, which now have the Pullman II Performance suspension system installed as standard, each trailer wheel having an independent spring and shock absorber.

The trailer has a loading height of 100cms which is lower than any previous system, which is great for horses that are nervous loaders or have not been in a trailer before. The smooth ride with limited sensation ensures that the horse will reach the destination relaxed and ready to perform at its best.

This innovative transport system which safely rides so close to the car it feels like a united vehicle also generates better fuel efficiency an added bonus when budgets are tight in these current economic times.

The Pullman II Performance trailer reaches a new level of safety and comfort in transportation both for the horse and the driver and when considering the purchase of a new trailer, with the welfare of the horse a priority, try this ultimate travel experience.


The Pullman II suspension is recognized as the best suspension system fitted to trailers and recommended by the choice of professionals in the trailer industry.


Quality and Design



All Cheval Liberté trailers are manufactured from high quality materials and finished to the ultimate standard. Extensive use of hard wearing and durable materials such as polyester, aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel ensures that their superior aesthetic and strength is retained for many years. The strength of the trailers has been achieved whilst keeping the weight down to class leading levels.

Aerodynamic modern, flowing design. The aerodynamics contribute to a significant reducing in towing vehicle fuel consumption. Cheval Liberté is the only manufacturer to produce its own single-piece chassis. Developed by Cheval's design teams, the lowered chassis has a centre of gravity that sits as close as possible to the road for optimum balance control of your float.


This superior travelling experience is available for every horse owner, whatever their equestrian sport. We prioritise the safety and comfort of your horse meaning every element of our trailers is constructed with practicality in mind. This along with the Pullman Suspension System ensures that both horse and owner arrive at their destination fresh and ready for optimal performance.

Emergency drop down chest bars are standard on all models. The external tie up rings on the both sides of the float are used to release/drop the chest bars from the outside in the unfortunate case of an accident or trying to release a hung horse.

A word from the founder, Denis Rulquin

"As professionals in the world of equestrianism and horse trailers, we have designed and created quality products wiht a firm emphasis on innovation. The Cheval Liberté Company arose from the combination of our skills."


  • European

  • German "Knott" brake & trailer system

  • Galvanized chassis

  • Aluminum walls & floor

  • Polyester roof

  • Springs & shock absorbers on all four wheels (not just fronts/ 2 wheels)

  • Four wheel brakes (not just front / 2 wheels).

  • The ramp door - option to use the float to load feed & hay with a forklift.


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